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AEON Scopes offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for all new scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes.  AEON products are warranted by AEON SCOPES USA to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the products by the ORIGINAL consumer purchaser.  During this period if the products are found to have defects in material or workmanship, AEON will replace the product with the same product, or a product of comparable specifications and value, solely at Aeons discretion.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty does NOT apply to:

1   Any product that has been subject to abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration, abnormal use or accident.
2.  Any defects or damage directly or indirectly caused by the use of replacement parts and/or service performed by unauthorized personnel.
3.  Any accessory items such as lens caps, straps and cases.
4. Any Scopes where the focus knob is damaged due to misuse of a focus wheel. (I.e. Applying uneven pressure to the wheel during transport, storage etc)

AEON scopes are warrantied to work failure free on springer piston Airguns designed to withstand the peculiar double bounce recoil of such airguns.

AEON also offers a replacement warranty for all products that have been damaged by the purchaser.  For any issues that are not covered by defects in material or workmanship you can return your damaged product to AEON along with a check for $150 and AEON will send you a replacement product of the same or similar specifications.

Product Warranties. The Warranty Disclosure Schedule sets forth a complete and accurate statement [including all terms and conditions] of all written warranties, warranty policies, service, and maintenance agreements of the Company to any of its services or products. No products previously sold, delivered or leased nor any services performed by the Company are subject to any guarantee, warranty or other indemnity, other than those sold, delivered, leased or performed in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of sale or lease of the Company.

Compliance. Each product manufactured, sold, leased or delivered by AEON and is in compliance [in all material respects] [with all applicable federal, state, local and foreign laws and] with all warranties described in the Warranty Disclosure Schedule.

Claims. The Warranty Disclosure Schedule also indicates all warranty and indemnity claims currently pending against Seller. Other than claims disclosed in the Warranty Disclosure Schedule, the Company has no Knowledge of any threatened claims for any product returns, warranty obligations or product services [that would exceed (a dollar amount) individually or in the aggregate] relating to any of its products or services.

How to file a claim.  AEON will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of the warranty statement included with your product and you follow the proper return procedure.  To request warranty service please email