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Best scope I've ever had

I've had the Aeon 10-40 scope on my Gen1 Marauder now since late Spring. I shot the the Oregon State FT match in Ashland with it, countless targets at known and unknown distances, and even a couple gophers around the shop. Now, after a few thousand pellets, I can I give a decent review. I'll start with the negatives: The manual. it is a small bit of paper with generic info that pertains to the whole Aeon line. The other negative? I've known of these scopes for a while, but only recently purchased one. I should have bought one much earlier. The good stuff? My eye does not see any spherical abhorations, it's clear edge to edge. Many budget scopes will darken as the power increases, mine shows only the slightest dimming above 37x. For me the real appeal of this scope is its range finding, and the fantastic DU-line reticle (which I believe they are now calling the "field target" reticle). At 40x (even dialed back to 32x), the image snaps into focus a and does so repeatedly in similar lighting conditions. I have noticed if your target is in the shade, the scope range it a little short. No worries there either since it does that very consistently too, and it didn't take long for me to understand and incorporate that into my range finding protocol. Now it's second nature. The true strength of this scope is the Du-line reticle. It provides multiple points of reference for elevation and windage, making hold off easier to visualize and execute. If you range find using mildots, the same holds true. I made many shots in Ashland I normally would not have because of this reticle. Couple things to note, and I don't consider them drawbacks or negative, is the scope works best if you have a consistent technique for shouldering the gun, and you hold as still as you possibly can. Price wise the scope falls between the UTG-Leapers and the Hawke line. Neither of those companies offer a similar reticle, so in my opinion this line is better.   Dan House



Having built several astronomical mirrors from scratch, I have become a bit familiar with star testing. So, I tried that with my new Aeon 8-32X50. The results were most satisfying. I could not detect any spherical aberration. Since I was doing it during the daytime chromatic aberration is difficult to detect. If there is any it is not a serious problem. So optically the Aeon is great, in my opinion. A more intangible assessment is one concerning image quality: the Aeon is very good, again, in my opinion. One feature of this scope that I particularly like is its overall length of 14.25" which was shorter than the scope I had on the rifle before. This shorter length made the rifle much more comfortable while still giving me access to the pellet loading area on my Weihrauch HW97K. The 16" Leupold scope I sold to get this one cramped me both at the front and the back. Does the above mean I like the Aeon? It most certainly does and I can recommend them to any one, especially those tempted to buy more expensive scopes on their reputation alone.


Aeon 8-32X50

If you didn't see the logo you'd swear you were using a scope that cost easily twice or even three times the price. I use professional grade glass on my camera lenses and the Aeon compares with ease. This scope provides great clarity and crisp contrast. Need more light on your target on an overcast day? Just turn on the lighted red or green reticle. Windage and elevation controls are designed for big fingers and are clearly numbered with clicks you can hear and feel. The Aeon is one solid piece of shooting equipment. As far as this airgunner is concerned it's the perfect scope whether you shoot field target, benchrest or hunting.


Really nice scope!

I have the Aeon 6-24 x 50 Field Target reticule and it's great. The glass is so clear and the focus is smoooth! Holdover seems easier than mil dots for me with this and the reticule lines are nice and fine. I only wish it had illumination because I do a lot of shooting at night. Still I'm impressed.


Great deal!

I picked up an Aeon 6-24 x 50 mil dot to put on my Cricket. I had my doubts about a scope this economical. Those doubts have disappeared now that I've been using it in the field, even in drizzly weather. The scope has bounced around a utility vehicle and still works fine. No fog-up, and a clear, bright view, even at dusk. I'm planning on getting another one to put on an RWS magnum springer, since it has proven to be quite shock resistant. Be gentle with the illuminator knob, though. I haven't had any trouble with it, but it seems somewhat loosely secured. The range of illumination choices is excellent, from a faint red or green glow to a bright level. Very helpful at dusk, early dawn or when the background is too dark to easily see a black reticle. For the money, this is the best scope I've seen. On the Cricket, it's assisted in getting many one-hole groups at 40 yds. Nice!